What To Expect When You’re Beginning To Work With A Legal Call Center

Exploring Legal Intake Services Options

Posted by Westpark Communications on Feb 6, 2018 8:26:05 AM
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When you first link up with a legal call center, you should expect them to be ready to come up with a solution to have your needs met.


As operations begin to run more smoothly, the lawyers at your firm will be able to get back to doing what they do best: practicing law. Even if these lawyers aren’t in the office all hours of the day, you will be able to rest assured that your law firm’s intake services are running as smoothly as possible.


Keep in mind the full support a legal call center can offer extends even into the weekends and into the after hours when the business day has ended.


1.) Boost efficiency, keep overhead costs low, and wow your client base.

Ditch the hurried and rushed conversations that individuals may have been met with when they called your law firm in the past. As clients and potential clients feel a shift in how their call is received, your customer service ratings will improve.


2.) Legal intake services aren’t on your plate anymore.

When linking up with a legal call center, the virtual receptionists will take care of client screening and legal intake services. If you were charged with doing these services previously, now your time is yours again.


3.) Don’t worry about those calls that don’t pertain to your scope of practice.

How many potential clients called to see if you were the kind of lawyer who did X, Y, or Z? Teaming up with a legal call center can eliminate these calls from making their way to your telephone number. Potential clients who are looking for your legal specialty will be linked up with you.

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4.) At 5 o’clock, go home for dinner. Or, (gasp!) take a vacation.

The workday should have a finish line. While you’re on your way out the door, the phone could always ring with another potential client. Let the legal call center handle these inquires. Lead generation and client on-boarding doesn’t have a time frame for business hours. This kind of work will continue during the evenings, on weekend, and if you ever step away from your desk long enough to take a vacation.


5.) Streamline appointment booking and synch the schedules.

Day after day, watch your client base increase. A legal call center can book appointments directly to your calendar. (A variety of options are on the table depending on how the law firm would like appointments to be set.)


Hiring a legal call center can make all the difference in the world, especially during the particularly busy times when advertisements for your law firm are airing or when client intake is especially high.


For over 20 years, our client sensitivity, bilingual staff, and keen sense of professionalism has been at the heart of our call center services for attorneys. We’re confident Westpark Communications is just what you’re looking for. Ready to get started?


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