What is Patient Perception of Care? Why Does It Matter?

What is Patient Perception of Care? Why Does It Matter?

Posted by Westpark Communications on Nov 29, 2017 9:11:54 AM
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Who remembers going to the doctor’s office when you were a little kid? Remember how the front desk attendant cooed and marveled at how tall you had gotten? Was there a sticker involved after you stepped on the scale, had your finger pricked, or endured a shot for your back-to-school physical?

Pediatrist make to his patient eye test.jpegHopefully, we can all recall a doctor’s visit that may have even been—might we say it?—a little bit...fun?

Often, a trip to a doctor’s office can be mundane and routine, but there also can be those trips into a medical facility where you feel positively anxious. Fostering a positive experience at the doctor’s benefits everyone involved.

The cornerstone of good care is built on the foundation of a relationship. When you have a connection to your medical provider, chances are your care will feel as if it is of a higher quality.

Patient perception of care is rooted in how care is perceived from the patient’s point of view. When you feel that your medical provider genuinely cares for you as a patient, the reality of the medical sphere can become instantly more hospitable. Patient outcomes improve. Plus, when patients feel as though medical professionals truly care about their health, chances are they’ll be more willing to share details about their symptoms that may be illuminating for a diagnosis. Communication is key. Additionally, doctors and physicians may enjoy their work more when they are able to interact with patients who also value their care and the ways in which they are cared for.

Keep your practice strong and healthy. The bottom line: keeping patients happy keeps physicians happy and vice versa.

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