Let the Phones Ring: On-Call or After-Hours Answering Services Aid Medical Offices

On-Call Staff Benefit from After Hours Answering Services

Posted by Westpark Communications on Nov 27, 2017 3:38:19 PM
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Let the Phones Ring: On-Call or After-Hours Answering Services Aid Medical Offices

Once everyone has left the office for the day, keep in mind patient needs will continue. Life does not abide by business hours, so chances are that patients will still be calling. Especially when it comes to medical offices and their staff, the work involved in that day-to-day atmosphere does not only take place during business hours—emergencies can happen at any time.


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Any business that interacts with the public can benefit from the services an on-call or after-hours answering company can offer, and this especially applies to offices that provide medical services and care. When it comes to patient needs, it is important to always be available.

When it comes to medical offices, patients can be calling in or trying to get in touch for a wide variety of reasons. Perhaps a prescription needs to be refilled. An appointment needs to be cancelled. An appointment needs to be re-scheduled. An issue is at hand. At the basis of every successful medical practice is the foundation of communication.


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Knowing that a doctor or medical professional is available 24/7 is important for patients. When care is structured to suit their unique needs—and on the patient’s own time schedule—a sense of trust will be garnered. It is up to a medical practice to uphold this trust over time. One way to do so is to implement an on-call and after-hours answering service. When this type of service is put into place, the needs of a patient will never have to be put on hold.

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