Employee Spotlight: Medical Answering Services

Medical Answering Service Interview With Nakeisha

Posted by Diana Moreno on Oct 4, 2017 1:55:05 PM
Diana Moreno

Medical Equipment Suppliers

Companies who rent medical equipment and need help coordinating their efforts choose Westpark Communications because we are dependable when it comes to time-sensitive paging. Some equipment is so urgent to save lives that these employees only have two hours to get the equipment to the facility; our call center agents are sensitive to this.




Nakeisha is one of our inbound agents who has insight into what it takes to handle these types of phone calls. When Westpark Communications gets a call for life-saving medical equipment, we understand the priority it takes as well as the importance of time-sensitive paging for doctors.

Medical Offices

Many medical centers use Westpark Communications for on-call and after hours message-taking. Aside from patching for medical devices, Westpark Communications also directly connects callers to the medical staff or on-call nurse making us the ideal physician answering service. 



Answering for Medical Equipment Suppliers 

Interviewer: What are some pieces of equipment that we dispatch for that is considered to be time-sensitive in delivering?

Nakeisha: Some pieces of equipment that we dispatch out are all types of ultrasounds including Doppler and EKG machines. As well as all types of ventilators for respiratory departments at hospitals.

Interviewer: How does Westpark Communications prioritize medical accounts with life-saving equipment?

Nakeisha: Westpark Communications prioritizes medical accounts with life saving equipment by prioritizing each message. After the call is taken, the message turns yellow in our system. That alerts the dispatcher to contact the company’s on-call technician as soon as possible.


Answering for Medical Offices

Interviewer: How do you know when to patch a caller to an on-call nurse?

Nakeisha: We only patch a caller to an on-call nurse when the account says to or if the call is considered an emergency and the account has instructions to [PATCH].

Interviewer: The most important communication solution for those in the healthcare industry is to have on call after hours answering services for medical offices. What do you think is most important about providing that support?

Nakeisha: I feel it’s very essential for the healthcare industry to have an after hours answering service due to patients needing to contact physicians after office hours. For example, if a patient just had surgery that day and they are having complications or in severe pain after they are home, they want to be able to contact their doctor or a nurse after the office has closed.

All companies with an on-call staff sends the Client Services team their schedule who programs the information to make sure the correct on-call is being contacted. This is how we are able to:

  • Take patient Emergency Calls
  • Send Messages to Medical Offices
  • Dispatch for Medical Devices

Blue Healthcare Call Center Services Button

Westpark Communications understands the needs of our medical accounts. Any organization in the healthcare industry can use our medical answering services for a variety of medical communication needs. Check out this guide to learn more.

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