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Diana Moreno

Diana Moreno
Marketing Coordinator
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Why Our Documentary Will Be Different

Posted by Diana Moreno on Mar 1, 2018 11:51:26 AM

Our 50 Year Documentary Film Release Date is March 5th!



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Celebrating 50 Years of Service

Posted by Diana Moreno on Feb 26, 2018 3:24:03 PM


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Our Humble Beginnings

Westpark Communications began operations in 1968 as a family-run business offering telephone answering services for customers in the Houston metropolitan area. Originally named "Westpark Answering Service," the company started with two sisters, Edna Burgan Wesneski and Joyce Landers, three clients, and one cord switchboard.


January 1968 Construction Site:
Featuring the co-founding sisters: Edna Burgan Wesneski & Joyce Landers in the back, and current President & CEO Kathie Edwards in the front left


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Finding the Right Business Communication Solution For Property Managers

Posted by Diana Moreno on Nov 7, 2017 3:48:07 PM


Increase Profit  > Make Passive Income > Save Time & Money

You likely are the type of professional who loves helping people find their dream home. Your communication skills are why you got into the property management field in the first place; that and to pursue the lucrative opportunities that real estate provides. You have made enough financial investments and have shelled out enough money for upfront costs to get off the ground. There are many ways that your money gets allocated, from getting licensed and driving from location to location to waiting for the commission check to arrive in the mail—any additional services better have a return on investment. And it better be the kind of investment that is aligned with your goals, that is, to sit back and watch the income roll in and stay involved only where you need to be. 

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Tips from an Experienced Call Center

50 Years of Insight

1. Learn how to streamline your operations around the latest and most effective business communication strategies. 

2. Get the upper hand by learning how to get the most out of your relationship with your communications partner:

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  • Virtual Receptionist

3. Know what to look for when hiring a communications partner.

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